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Broken Garage Door

How I became Captain Awesome Pants and Other True Tales

Facing the keyboard this morning, I am surprised. Three months have gone by since I last posted here. Memories blur, but certain moments I can remember like… Saying Goodbye to the Garage Door Two months ago, my wife called me and told me she accidentally backed into the garage door.  How bad could that be? She texted […]

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Best Books of 2013

Best Books of 2013 : Instant Inspiration from the Water Community

Sort of sad seeing these engines stacked and basking in the sun of Arizona. Books are like these jet engines. We read them, collect them, but never throw them away. Unlike these engines, good stories last forever and give an endless supply of fuel for our soul. This year I was left blown away with […]

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Who cares about Watersheds? 5 Ways to Reconnect

Kids: Really Dad? Me: Yes, really. We just passed the Eastern Continental Divide Kids: So? Me: This divide is the mother of all watershed boundaries. Kids: What is a watershed? I thought everyone knew what a watershed was. I was wrong this past weekend … [Read More...]


Claim Your Bubbazen

As if ripped from the script of "Raider's of the Lost Ark,"through the unfamiliar jungle we saw only glimpses. Soon we were there and climbing the ancient stairs. At the top of this Mayan temple I could only think to do one thing. Sit. I sat … [Read More...]


Get Naked and Save Water with Sprāv.

It was two knocks. Not three. Not one. Two knocks to know that my shower time was done when I was growing up. I had just exceeded my Dad’s own reasonable water use doctrine. Who knows what that exact time was. Believe it or not, showering accounts for an … [Read More...]