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From Poster Child to Role Model? Hope in the ACF Basin

Did you feel it last week? Rumbling like a distant earthquake, it crossed three state lines but didn’t make the national news. It was huge. A group of 56 people representing stakeholder organizations from Georgia, Alabama and Florida agreed on a sustainable management plan for the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River (ACF) Basin. This is the same ACF Basin […]

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Drought’s Selfie Stick: Looking back to look forward

Whoosh. The metal rod came out of thin air. He attached it to his phone and telescoped the phone out to take a picture of himself. As I was laughing to myself, an older gentleman behind me taps me on my shoulder and asked “What the hell is that?” A selfie stick. Yes, it was […]

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3 Bridge Building Online Tools

Did I save that file to Dropbox?  No, I think I used Evernote? Just like everyone, some of my data is on different mountaintops. It seems every volunteer organization uses different services as their online basecamp. Creating bridges between some of these … [Read More...]


Say Hello to Rain

What would your monument to rain look like? I think of a rubberized coated concrete interactive map the size of a basketball court. The height of the concrete would show the average precipitation in the US in three dimensions. The highest rainfall points in … [Read More...]


What we can learn from SPARS? Huh?

Well, Hello. Where were you the last ten years? The sound coming from the speakers was like an old friend you had not talked to in years, but in an instant you could carry a conversation. Somewhere, I lost this sonic friend between the white earbuds, the … [Read More...]