USC and Climate Change Research

University of South Carolina researchers have been awarded a one million grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to continue investigating the effects of climate change on water resources.

The researchers are adapting a modeling system being used to track the effects of climate change to rivers and streams in the Catawba-Wateree Basin and the Yadkin-Pee Dee Basin. Their basic research questions include:

  1. How can current operational practices benefit from greater use of historic and near-real time climate information?
  2. How can models be improved to better represent the key interactions between climate and hydrologic systems that are identified by water resource managers?
  3. What is the most effective way to present the science of future climate variability into the current decision-making framework?
  4. What are the parameters of climate variability that have the greatest influence on the decisions of water resource managers and users heavily dependent on water?
  5. What are decision makers’ tolerance levels for climate variability and uncertainty in forecasts and what priorities order their associated risks of failure?

Sources: CISA