Got Bottled Water?

I played around with tonight for my Super Statistic Sunday weekly blog post. If you have not played around with the graphing site for the masses, give it a try. Swivel has added some new bling since I last tried it a month a go. Not bad for a company that is only three months old.
Here is a graph I created in less than 30 minutes. Click on the graph for a full screen version.

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  1. Robert, I’m happy to see a Swivel graph on your blog — thank you — but 30 minutes to create it? We’re a total fiasco then. We will take it down to 30 seconds, I promise, because it shouldn’t take any more than that. Thanks for giving Swivel a try, if you have any feedback please drop us a line at feedback at swivel dot com.Best regards,Dmitry DimovProduct Chief & Cofounder

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