How Coca-Cola will Reduce its Number One Ingredient

Coca-Cola announced last week that it was implementing measures to reduce energy consumption at its two million square foot world headquarters by 23 percent and reduce its water consumption by nearly 15 percent with a $3 million investment in energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning equipment, rainwater harvesting techniques and advanced irrigation control systems.

“As the number one ingredient in our beverages and an essential component to life on Earth, water is important to our Company. Since climate change will have a profound impact on freshwater resources, we are making water conservation – in our plants around the world and at our headquarters – a priority. The irrigation improvement projects at our Atlanta Office Complex will reduce the water used for landscaping by an estimated 75 percent.”

This Sunday I will compare how much water it takes to make a Coke with the amount water it takes to make bottled water and beer. The results may surprise you.