Are you Thirsty for Some Bottled Water?

It seems like there are a lot of people blogging about bottled water these days so I thought I would provide some links. Remember to drink responsibly this weekend!

1. WaterWired post titled “Bottled Water and the Environment Presentation“. I never knew there were so many types of bottled water. This post has a really interesting presentation attached to it.

2. The Seitch Blog post titled “Bottled Water – Good for Business and Bad for the Environment”

3. The Boomer Chronicles exposes Bottled Water.

4. Earth Focus’s blog post titled “Think Outside the Bottle

5. Finally, check out this picture of bottled water collected from urban Chinese rivers. I know its not exactly bottled water, but check out the color of water inside the plastic bottles. It looks like Gatorade. I wonder how it would taste?