Field Notes from Scarcity: NPR, Water, and Man

NPR explored the world of watercrunch throughout the US in a great water series last week. Thanks Michael@ Waterwired for pointing this series out. Here are 5 field notes, things that I learned, from this series:

1. Las Vegas is planning to to utilize 65 billion, yes billion, gallons of water with a 300-mile-long pipeline that will cost more than $2 billion dollars. Part 1: Las Vegas Water Battle: ‘Crops vs. Craps’

2. The entire Las Vegas Strip uses 3 percent of water resources in southern Nevada. Outdoor sprinklers account for 70 percent of southern Nevada’s water use. Part 2: Stakes High for Las Vegas Water Czar

3. It took Lake Powell 17 years to fill after water started backing up behind Glen Canyon Dam in 1963 and its taken the last 8 years for half that water to disappear. Part 3: Drought Takes Toll on Lake Powell

4. Tennessee and its $20-billion farming industry are heading for one of the driest years in state history. Part 4: Tennessee Drought Stunts Growth of Local Crops

5. Many homeowners associations in Florida not only require sod, but also measure the shade of green of the sod. Florida Faces Vanishing Water Supply

I have also added Cynthia Barnett’s new book Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern United States to my reading list.