Alabama Still Talking Water Plan

There is nothing like a drought to encourage state water legislation. With Alabama and Georgia still facing down a drought that will not end, Alabama is starting to inch toward the realization that a water plan (See Previous Article) will help protect their water supply in times of drought and more importantly protect their water from encroaching states. Georgia and South Carolina are both in the process of rewriting their water laws.

Here is an excerpt from Alabama’s Rep. Ronald Grantland, Op/Ed article in the Hartselle Enquirer.

If this summer of drought has reminded us of one thing, it’s that water is precious.

These “water wars” with Georgia and Florida have been the subject of litigation for the last sixteen years, mainly because the federal courts have rejected Alabama’s arguments because we have no guiding water policy for the state. Georgia’s water policy, while detrimental to our state, is nonetheless state law. Alabama has no controlling law.

Unfortunately, much of the damage has been done to our crops and the amount of electricity that our lakes produce. While we must all do our part to conserve water this summer, real water conservation can only come from a comprehensive sustainable water plan for Alabama.

(Source: Hartselle Enquirer )