How to Select a Super-Premium, Trendy Water That’s Right for You

It was reported today that Anheuser-Busch, America’s leading brewer with a 48 percent share of all U.S. beer sales, will become the master distributor for Icelandic Glacial super-premium natural spring water in the United States, effective immediately.

I have never heard of this bottled water, but apparently it is bottled water sourced exclusively from the Olfus Spring in Southwest Iceland. According to the press release, “Icelandic Glacial is pure natural spring water imported from one of the cleanest, most natural environments in the world, which gives it a competitive advantage in the United States’ high-end bottled water market,” said August A. Busch IV, president and chief executive officer of Anheuser-Busch.

In this gilded age of super-premium segmented bottled water how do you select a super-premium, trendy water that’s right for you. Have no fear here are 5 helpful tips from Icelandic Glacial.

1. Select REAL spring water.

Check for the water’s source, which has to be displayed on spring waters as a labeling compliance requirement. Don’t be fooled by PURIFIED water. Purified water goes through a process called reverse osmosis after which the minerals are typically added right back into the water. Purified water is not naturally pure water and is typically derived from a municipal water source. (Oh, say it isn’t so…)

2. Select a water with a low number of total dissolved solids (TDS), the calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, nitrates, sulphates, etc. floating in the water.

All waters should include this TDS information as a labeling compliance issue. An ideal TDS level is anywhere between 50 and 120.

3. Is the water NSF (National Sanitation Foundation – NSF International) certified?

Look for a simple dark circle, emblazoned with the letters “NSF” and the registered trademark logo. To make sure that the water you drink is bottled with the highest quality standards possible, be sure this logo is on the label. Of the estimated 50,000 bottling plants in the world, the NSF certifies approximately 170 plants.

4. Choose a bottle with STYLE. (My Favorite)

Stand out from the crowd and be seen with a healthy accessory that looks cool as you carry it. After all, bottled water has reached the status of being an everyday luxury item, and people are eager to know which brand you enjoy.

5. Look for a recyclable bottle made from high-quality material.

Many PET bottles are made from low-grade materials, and some (perhaps as high as 50 percent) even contain antimony, which is typically used as a hardener in lead for storage batteries, and other undesirable elements that seep into the water due to lower quality plastic.