Top 5 Ways to Store Water in an Emergency

With hurricanes churning in the Atlantic, now is a good time to review how to store water in an emergency.

Did you know you should store at least one gallon of water per person per day? This already assumes at least one-half gallon of water daily per person would be used just for drinking. Many experts suggest keeping a two week supply.

Here is the list:

1. WaterBob

You want to avoid storing supermarket-size pallets of bottled water in your garage, why not use your bathtub. The WaterBob is a 100-gallon bag made of 4-mil, food-grade plastic that is placed in the bathtub. An included siphon pump is used dispense the water into jugs or pitchers. The WaterBob costs $30 (Cost per gallon $.3)

2. HEWS (Home Emergency Water System)

This two-ply plastic bladder system holds more than 45 gallons of water, not the expensive water you buy at the store. And more importantly it is made in China so you know it’s good. Just kidding, actually it is made in Conway, South Carolina (Cost per gallon $1.15).

3. Aquatank

This bladder comes in different sizes from 30 gallons to 300 gallons. A 300 gallon bladder costs about $300 (Cost per gallon $1).

4. 55 gallon or 15 gallon Drum

Forget wimpy plastic bladders, how about an old fashion barrel or drum. A 55 gallon drum cost approximately 80 dollars (Cost per gallon $1.45).

5. A 5 gallon collapsible water container.

I guess the advantage with this type of container is the ease at which you could carry it. It costs about $6 (Cost per gallon $1.2).

For More information on Emergency Preparation: Check out FEMA