Live in Toilet or be Enclosed in Walls of Water?

How would like to live in life-sized version of a toilet for a house or be surrounded by walls of water?

Well, the world’s first toilet-shaped house will open in 8 days as a way to celebrate the launch of the World Toilet Association. Get your passport ready. The two story concrete and glass structure is located in Suweon, 24 miles south of Seoul. On the final day conference participants will visit the house. The association will focus on setting international standards for clean public toilets and will attract 300 representatives from 70 countries. Thanks Cynthia for the story link.

If this is not to your liking, the walls of the Digital Water Pavilion at next year’s Expo Zaragoza in Spain (see my previous post about the conference) will be sheets of water flowing from computer-controlled nozzles that shape them into endlessly scrolling words and patterns.

The water walls can be programmed to display images or messages, but can also sense an approaching object and automatically part to let it through, sorta like Moses and Red Sea I guess.
The water walls that make up the structure consist of a row of closely spaced solenoid valves along a pipe suspended in the air. The valves can be opened and closed, at high frequency, via computer control. This produces a curtain of falling water with gaps at specified locations – a pattern of pixels created from air and water instead of illuminated points on a screen.

Interestingly, the pavilion roof, covered by a thin layer of water, will be supported by large pistons and can move up and down. When there is too much wind, the roof will lower. Similarly, when the pavilion is closed, the whole roof will collapse to the ground and the whole structure will disappear.