Top 5 Atlanta Adventures in Saving Water

Saving water is no fun, but here are some interesting accounts of how businesses and organizations have saved water in Atlanta.

Dry Mopping at UPS? In a UPS facility outside of Atlanta in Roswell facility used to use 10,000 gallons of water per day cleaning some 225 vehicles. Now they use a product called Shine-Up which is like furniture polish to clean the vehicles. Read the story.

How does the World’s Largest Aquarium Save Water? The Georgia Aquarium is acquiring new waterless urinals that save up to save more than 1 million gallons of water per year, recapturing condensation from cooling units to 1.5 million gallons per year, and replacing current landscaping features with low or no water plantings as a permanent alternative. Read the story.

How does the World’s Busiest Airport Save Water?
Believe it or not, the airport is one of the state’s biggest water users. Airport officials have been busy reviewing ways to save water, such as adjusting the the automatic sensors public restrooms so they use less water. There are 78 public restrooms, 725 commodes, 338 urinals, 601 sinks in the airport. They are working also to save 8 million to 10 million gallons of water a year by reclaiming water from the chillers. They are also metering how much potable water is delivered to each airplane. For example, a Boeing 777 can carry up to 327 gallons, but only really needs 200 gallons. Read the story.

Georgia Tech Taps An Unwanted Spring. Spray-on green was the answer for Georgia Institute of Technology’s football field this year. However, Georgia Tech recently tapped into a “nuisance” spring flowing underneath the campus to water the field. Georgia Tech had been pumping the spring’s 7,000 gallons a day into the city’s storm drains. Read the story.

New Toilets in Home Depot. Home Depot has teamed up with a manufacturer, Niagara Conservation, to make a new low-flow toilet for one of Home Depot’s private label brands. Niagara says the toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, less than the current standard of 1.6 gallons, and works without the traditional rubber flapper, which is usually a main source of leaks. Beginning this weekend, Home Depot will also focus all of their in-store clinic’s around Atlanta to focus almost entirely on water conservation topics, instead of fall planting tips. Read the story.

Runner-Up: Canceling Snow Mountain. Stone Mountain Park, after lots of criticism last month, canceled a 400-foot-long ski slope attraction. The Park had already invested some $5 million in the venture and the purchase of snow-making equipment. They were going to use 1 million gallons of tap water to make snow.