Top 10 Most Impacted Lakes in the Southeast

Everyday it seems like I read an article about Lake Lanier or another reservoir reaching an all-time low elevation. To be honest, I have been having a hard time keeping up with all this information. So, this morning I thought I would be a bit proactive and develop a top ten list of the most impacted reservoirs based solely on the current lake elevation and size of the lake.

Headlines don’t gage a reservoir, good old fashion staff gages gage reservoirs.

A quick search on the Internet, some cutting and pasting into Google Docs, and poof, I was able to build a database of 50 reservoirs in the Southeast. So, here is my list of the top ten most impacted lakes in the Southeast with a corresponding map below:

10. Carters Lake, GA
9. Lake Norman, NC
8. Lewis Smith Lake, AL
7. Falls Lake, NC
6. Lake Jocassee, SC
5. Allatoona, GA/AL
4. West Point, GA
3. Lake Lanier, GA
2. Clark Hill (Thurmond Dam), GA/SC
1. Lake Okeechobee, FL