Get Ready for Sustainable Well-Being

Vending Market Watch reported that bottled water growth slowed down last year. One of the reasons they reported was that consumers were concerned about the sustainability of water bottles with the waste generated. However, beverage companies like a lot of companies are growing green in response to these concerns.

Coca-Cola is really trying to define and frame this issue first. In an article published yesterday in Ad Age, it was reported that Coca-Cola will spend an estimated $10 million on a major sustainability ad campaign around the idea of “sustainable well-being.”

“We’re thinking of well-being from a mental, physical, community and environmental perspective that encompasses every part of our North American business. We’re using this to talk to all of our stakeholders and show our desire to be a better partner to all of them.”

-a Coca-Cola spokeswoman quoted in Ad Age.

The campaign begins this week with several large print ads that feature a new aluminum bottle. Coke has promised to recycle 100% of its aluminum cans sold in the U.S. and is providing financial support to the construction of the world’s largest bottle-to-bottle recycling plant just down the road from me in Spartanburg, S.C.

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