4″ Plastic Balls Save Los Angeles

We got a problem, over.


Silver Lake Reservoir has high level of Bromate [disinfection by-product that forms when bromide, chlorine, and sunlight are at the same party]. What should I do?

Repeat. Please tell me you did not say Bromate, over.

Yes. High levels of Bromate. Request assistance immediately.

For the love of all that is good. We need to escort the sunlight from this party, although, it could take up to 3 years and up to $100 million dollars to build a cover over this reservoir. There has to be another solution that is quick and cheaper.

Sir, I have an idea. Let’s add plastic black balls to stop the sunlight.

I am sorry. Did I hear you correctly? We are going to add plastic black balls to the reservoir.


LADWP is currenly adding over 300,000 4″ high-density polyethylene vapor control balls to the 14 acre reservoir in 2 to 3 truckloads per week. They are halfway done in filling up the needed 6 million ball for the project completion. The project cost is $2 million. The cost per ball is .34 cents. What a cool solution!

Source of information: August 2008 AWWA Opflow.


  1. Hey seth I dont see how that will obliterate the plant and animal life at all. I mean these things that the balls will be used for were man made anyways. Even before they were there plants still lived for thousands of years.

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