Tornado Tales in Clemson

My wife called today and asked if I could check the internet for any storm alerts. Their class was huddled in the basement of their building on the Clemson campus due to a tornado alert. To my surprise, an actual tornado was spotted and was reported heading toward Clemson University. The notice said it should be there in five minutes.

In the tornado media aftermath fog, she said she heard from students that the stadium took a direct hit and was destroyed and the Esso Club was on fire. Both were false, but both are part of the story.

There are two landmarks in Clemson. One is Death Valley, stadium of the Clemson University Tigers. You will never find a louder sea of orange on football Saturdays. I love it. The other landmark is The Esso Club which is a sports bar that evolved from a 1920’s gas station and grocery. The Exxon name change never happened here.

Amazingly today, the tornado touched down directly between both these landmarks. Both were fine.

No injuries, but lots of trees down. Let the countdown to football continue. Go Tigers!