Confessions of a Trailer Geek

I have a confession. I am a trailer geek and I am not talking about the double-wide kind. I am talking about movie trailers.

For some strange reason I always enjoyed watching them. I guess it is part escapism and part moving art observation. Regardless of how you cut your trailer or what sweeping orchestral music you use, I like the fact that every movie trailer has exactly two and half minutes to advertise for maximum appeal.

Trailers are big business. Some studios often hire between two and five companies who specialize in only movie trailers to work at the same time on the same picture to produce one movie trailer. Since the movie score is not available at the same time a trailer is made, specialized companies such as Immediate Music provide the emotional and pulse pounding scores for trailers.

So I paused yesterday when I heard the king of trailer voiceovers, Don LaFontaine, had died. He has done over 5,000 movie trailers and over 350,000 television commercials. You may remember his catch phrase of “In a world without…”. Check out this behind the scenes video of the man and his work. Amazing.

Do movie trailers work for something like global water issues?

Several weeks ago, I saw on an Aguanomics blog post a preview of a new movie “Flow: For Love of Water“. I have not seen the movie and don’t know anything about the movie except for the trailer.

So, after viewing the trailer would you see the movie? The trailer appears to have a bit more activist bent for my engineering blood, however, I would have loved to hear Don LaFontaine narrate this trailer. I could hear him now – “In a world without freshwater…”