Fighting the Water Wars With Spitballs

The imploding economy is continuing to suck air out of most sectors of the economy. I know I am seeing projects that being delayed or put on the shelf. What about lawyers specializing in water litigation? Surely, they are safe. There will always be water rights to protect, litigate, mediate, and arbitrate. Right?

According to news reports, South Carolina needs 2.3 million dollars in next year’s budget to continue to pay all the legal costs with the U.S. Supreme Court case against North Carolina. There could be some lawyers with a reduced workload.

Not having enough money to fight the case “would be like sending this state to fight North Carolina with spitballs” –Attorney General Henry McMaster’s officespokesman Mark Plowden.

South Carolina sued North Carolina in June of 2007 under the original jurisdiction of the United States Supreme Court. South Carolina’s says North Carolina can not take water out of the Catawba basin because it violates the U.S. Constitution because one state’s decision cannot directly affect another state. 

South Carolina wants not only to stop this, but also they want a seat at the table for any future transfers of water. So far, it’s hard to tell who is winning. South Carolina has persuaded the Supreme Court to appoint a special judge to hear the dispute over how to apportion the river.

I guess we may never know due to a lack of money. Is it time for a stimulus package for lawyers?