Victory Garden War Posters : Is it Time Yet?

Could you imagine 20 million Americans right now deciding to plant a garden?

During World War II, 20 million Americans did just that and planted so called “Victory Gardens.” By some estimates about 40 percent of all vegetables produced in the U.S. came from Victory Gardens. The Department of Agriculture estimated over one million tons of vegetables were produced during World War II.

Here are some slightly encouraging posters from both World War I and II.

Today Michelle Obama will host a groundbreaking for a 1,000 square foot White House garden on the South Lawn that will include 55 kinds of vegetables. Eating local and freshly grown food is good on so many levels.
Is it time for a new era of “Victory Gardens”?
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  1. These posters are great. The Victory Gardens are already making a come-back. The Edible Gardens Seed Company is offering free heirloom seed packages just to get people started growing their own food. Check it out

  2. I’m looking for a reference or source for the “40% of all vegetables” statistic which is floating around. Does anyone have one? Thanks!

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