How I Got Worms and How You Can Get Them, too

It all started in January. My new year’s resolution was to see if I could eat a raw food diet for a whole month. Yes, raw. No pizza, no cheeseburgers, and no Chick-fil-a. Only fruits, and vegetables.


Believe me its not easy in the dead of winter. I survived and felt pretty good towards the end. I did not give up beer and wine. I am not that crazy. Interested? This book was my guide.

One secret for surviving this type of radical (at least it was radical for me) diet change was buying a good juicer. This one is awesome. You can put whole apples in it. I made and continue to make in the morning something called Green Lemonade (4 apples, a lemon, some ginger root, 4 celery sticks, and kale) Man, you feel pumped in the mornings with this. No one can say this bulldozing loving engineer is not green. It oozes green goodness.

As you can imagine, with this much juicing you really generate a lot of pulp. We were filling our compost bin outside too fast. However, our daughter needed a science fair project idea and we needed a better way of handling this pulp.

Enter worms.

After buying some red wrigglers (another story for another blog post) we went to work building the worms a home to feed on our pulp.  Here is what we did.

First, the materials. 

The worms.

Added cardboard to the bottom.

Next added a mixture of soil, newspaper and leaves.

Here is food, the juice pulp. UMMM So good.

This is a good Saturday afternoon project.  There is nothing like showing guests at your house the worm home that resides under the kitchen sink.