The Best and Worst Water Wikis

First, The Best Water Wiki

Let see, in the last few months:

  • The State of Georgia is in the middle of the most comprehensive water supply planning effort currently underway on the East coast.
  • South Carolina was a stone’s throw from passing a historic water permitting bill with another good shot of passing the bill in January 2010.
  • North Carolina senators introduced the a foundation building act which would require the state to develop science-based models for all 17 of its major river basins.

I don’t even pretend to try to keep up with all of this. However, for the past year, I have been using UNC School of Government’s Water Wiki to help me keep up with water policy and legislative developments in the Southeast. I realized this morning I have not given them sufficient credit or publicity. Sorry.

Next step, I need to contribute some content.

The Worst Water Wiki Site. What can I say? It is not even half-backed. Saying its even warm would be too giving. It stinks. It is a broken shell of a wiki.
Alright, I am having a bit of fun at my own expense. I started this wiki site as one of my random ideas last year to help build an open database of organizations and charities dedicated to clean water around the world.
Dream on, Robert.
I didn’t have the patience to learn all the back end stuff on configuring the wiki, so it never got off the ground. If anyone thinks there some validity in trying to link some of these water charities together in an open format such as a wiki…shoot me an email.
But seriously, visit Water Wiki. It is the real deal.

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  1. Robert,thanks for the shoutout. We love your blog, too, and have followed it since the very start of Water Wiki. It would be great to have you and your readers posting some content at our site. Also, whatever happened with your search for the greatest low flow toilet? Bill and I are happy with Toto…best wishes and go Tigers, beat ASU..Richard Whisnant

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