7 Engaging Videos about Hurricane Hugo : 20 Years Later

I was a freshman at Clemson when twenty years ago this Category 5 hurricane struck Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, South Carolina and North Carolina in September of 1989, killing 82 people.

Some quick facts:

  • Hugo’s toll in dollars was greater than the total insured losses of the 10 most costly hurricanes prior to it.
  • In South Carolina, there was one insurance claim for every four households.
  • Duke Energy (then Duke Power) used or replaced 8,800 poles, 700 miles of cable and wire, 6,300 transformers, 165,000 automatic splices, 37,500 meter sockets, 17,000 electric meters, 600 chainsaws and 5,500 rain suits.
Here are some engaging videos I found on YouTube. These brought back some memories, especially the last one which has the last great governor Carroll Campbell narrating video over Myrtle Beach.

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