Top 10 Potential Lunar Bottled Water Slogans

Last week, NASA said they had found “significant amounts” of water on the moon. One day in the not too distant future a bottled water company may set up shop on the moon and sell bottled water back to us on Earth. To assist with this effort, I have come up with some potential slogans this morning.

1. Its your world. Do your own moonwalk.
2. Make it a Full Moon everyday
3. Drink the most natural water out of this world
4. The antidote for sustainability
5. Drink and take one large step for mankind everyday
6. Howl with the Moon
7. Born out of this World.
8. Blasted, but never filtered. Moonwater.
9. Drink our water and save your earth
10. Miles away from the ordinary (actually 238,857 miles)