How does Atlanta Find Water by 2012?

Thanks again for reading my blog and Happy New Year! I have been writing now for three years. While my posting frequency dropped off more than I would have liked last year, this just means I have more great material filling my Evernote basket of ideas that I want to share with you this year. I can’t wait!
This fall a Georgia task force of eighty business, environmental and government officials have been studying a long list of options to address Judge Paul Magnuson ruling that metro Atlanta’s use of Lake Lanier for drinking water could be reduced in 2012. Four days before Christmas, the task force published their report. I finally downloaded the report this morning.
The report says if the judge’s ruling stands, there are no other options for to “close the gap” by 2012. Simply put, they said Lake Lanier for water supply is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. The task force found metro Atlanta alone would take a $26 billion annual hit to its economy if no action is taken. Now, that’s shock and awe.

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