9 Big Water Ideas: Inside the Silicon Valley Hub for Water Innovation

coverWithout a hub:

  • Spokes have no where to go.
  • Airfare would go up even more.
  • Wireless signals count not meet-up in a router.

Thank goodness, we live in a world magnified and empowered with hubs, but what are some of our water hubs. My water hubs are the fantastic folks I work with, my state water association, and folks I meet through through this blog.

What if you had a great idea—an idea that could solve a pressing water problem; however, your idea was all that you had. You had no one to help develop a business plan, get feedback from venture capitalists, and actually help transform an idea into market-ready reality. Basically, you had no hub.

Enter Imagine H2O.

Starting in 2007, this national non-profit holds an annual competition to inspire new, creative solutions to the water crisis. Until I chatted with Scott Bryan, COO with Imagine H2O, I thought it was just a business plan competition; however, it is so much more than that.

  • They are working to become the water innovation hub connecting business, non-profit, academic, and governmental stakeholders around the importance of water innovation.
  • Finalists receive one of a kind feedback from a world-class panel of water experts and partners.
  • Last year their Prize finalists received terms sheets for either Series A or Seed Rounds. They were able to introduce the winners last year to over 250 accredited investors.
  • For all contestants, everyone is a winner. Imagine H2O hosts seminars and workshops to expose the opportunity in water efficiency businesses and water innovation.

Recently Imagine H2O released its finalist companies for this year’s competition. Scott noted that this competition has grown and they have had more interest internationally which is good. The nine finalists advance to a second round where they will compete for cash and in-kind services. The overall results will be announced during events leading up to International World Water Day 2013 in March.

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Which one do you think has the potential to be the most game-changing?

In 2009, the founders of WaterSmart Software had an idea to improve municipal water efficiency. Through this competition they were able to transform this idea into a company. They were the recipient of Imagine H2O’s inaugural water efficiency prize in March 2010. Today, WaterSmart Software is operating with five water utilities in California and actively working with other prospective clients.

All this from an idea, a hub, and a lot of hard work. Learn more about how you can help Imagine H2O here.

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  1. I invented and recently launched a new category product, a simple closet tool that tracks and organizes what you wear. Using MyClothingHelper to track clothing freshness helps to reduce water consumption. Let me know what you think.


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