Happy New Year: One Gorilla, Some Reflections, and my Favorite Posts


Have you ever tried to take a picture of an animal in the zoo through glass? It’s all about the angle. Too much and you don’t see the subject and too little and you see a huge glare that wipes out your subject.

Blogging for me is a bit like taking a picture through a window. I really honestly don’t know what I am doing most of the time, but every once in awhile I get lucky and the angle becomes clear.

When I first started blogging exactly six years ago , I never imagined getting web traffic and emails from all over the world which is incredible and always surprising. Thank you for reading.

Here are some of my favorite posts I wrote this year:

Even when I get busy at work and have no time to blog, random blog post ideas keep coming, almost like unwanted nervous ticks forcing me to jot ideas in the corners of my daily planner. I have a notebook full of ideas, so I’ll will still try to publish a post roughly once a week.

You can also expect:

  • Expect more interviews. Engineers can’t interview right? You are probably right. Although I had fun interviewing John Feldt last year. I wrapped up two other interviews before Christmas. I can’t wait to share in January.
  • Expect more ideas. I use this blog as a testbed on ideas and so far there is no shortage.
  • Expect more help. I love sharing all the communication tech tools that I have discovered along the way. I have been trying out load of new web and tech tools. Many are not ready for prime-time, but a few I have found useful.
  • Expect an e-book. I have written lots of new material that doesn’t feel like it fits into a particular blog post. I think it would be fun to try an e-book this year.

Thank goodness in life good things can happen when you still don’t have the perfect angle. Last week, we went to RiverBanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. I was looking over the pictures tonight and I saw one I took of a large western lowland gorilla. The picture looked awful with a large reflection until I looked into the reflection. There was my happy daughter and an engaged dad. Nice.

Thanks again for joining me. Here is to great 2013 with plenty of crazy reflections!