Claim Your Bubbazen

As if ripped from the script of “Raider’s of the Lost Ark,”through the unfamiliar jungle we saw only glimpses. Soon we were there and climbing the ancient stairs. At the top of this Mayan temple I could only think to do one thing. Sit.

I sat down in a sort of want-to-be-yoga-zen-like pose to soak in the primordial view. One of the guys I was with remarked that I looked like a Bubbazen.  I suppose it was fair jab. Besides my wife, I was the only one in this group from the South. You know everyone in the South is a Bubba right?

Bubbazen was born before the age of selfies. For over fifteen years in any setting I deemed Bubbazen worthy I strike this silly pose. On tops of mountains, in a canoe, beside a glacier, Bubbazen comes alive.

Bubbazen is not me. Bubbazen is not about a person, place, or a pose but a moment.
Bubbazen is a moment when you
are outside of your everyday,
are seeing something that is a more of a gift than reward, and
are completely content.

Bubbazen now lives in my bathroom, my fortress of solitude. On one wall I have 8-1/2″ X 11″ Bubbazen photographs framed not as a candle burning shrine but as a reminder. Life is really about moments tied together.

We need Bubbazen. Unfortunately, Bubbazen does not just happen for most of us. In this always-on networked age, you have to fight for it. Some of us have found our Bubbazen out on the golf course, fishing, hiking, taking care of a horse, biking, or even walking.

However, you find it claim your own Bubbazen this weekend! I believe these folks below claimed it.

Bubbazen Picture