How I became Captain Awesome Pants and Other True Tales

Facing the keyboard this morning, I am surprised. Three months have gone by since I last posted here. Memories blur, but certain moments I can remember like…

Saying Goodbye to the Garage Door

Two months ago, my wife called me and told me she accidentally backed into the garage door.  How bad could that be? She texted me this picture. Somehow the garage door failed to expect a moving vehicle. Sigh.

Broken Garage Door

Peeing in my pants

For the past few months my nine-year old has somehow changed my nickname on my iPhone. One month ago it was “Captain Awesome Pants.” This month it was “I Accidentally Peed my Pants.” I sort liked the first one better. Not a problem, right? Wrong.

Last week, I realized when I have been sending my contact information out to people though my phone it also included my nickname. Now this is a problem. Looks like I will have some new nicknames circulating in some professional circles.


Realizing the Power of a Mascot

A few weeks ago, I helped to create a video for the South Carolina Environmental Conference that involved someone dressed as a polar bear.  I realized something profound. It was crazy how many people wanted a picture of themselves with a polar bear. Forget babies or puppies, if you want to break down social barriers have someone dress up in some furry costume.

photo (4)

Feeding a family of raccoons

This past weekend, I had forced the family to go camping along the coast of South Carolina. Great time, however, raccoons visited us each night. The first night, I was lazy and some food vanished. They left footprint evidence on the cooler. The second night they figured out how to open the cooler. What a disaster. No bacon for me in the morning.

image (1)

These stories remind me this morning that the normal daily stuff fades away in our brains.

And we are left with the moments.

Moments are the monuments that time erases more slowly.

Although we can build monuments ourselves.

Monuments are stronger when they are built with others.

We need to build more moments.